Uintah Railway Pictorial – Volume I
    by Rodger Polley

ISBN No. 0-913582-68-9

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    The Uintah Railway began at Mack, Colorado, in 1903, at a connection with the D&RGW just west of Grand Junction. The Mack interchange yard was dual-gauge, as the URY was a narrow-gauge carrier of gilsonite ore from mines in Utah. All the line's engines, freight and passenger cars are included. After passing Carbonera, the division point of Atchee is reached–the location of a wye, coal dock, water tank, section house, engine house, machine shop, car shop and bunkhouse. The town included company houses, a store and an ice house. From Atchee, you are taken up the line to Baxter Pass on the 7.5-percent grade leading to the top. Contains 320 pages, with 414 black & white scenes and 7 full-color views, with detailed maps of Mack and Atchee.
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