Denver's Street Railways – Volume II – 1901 to 1950
    by Don Roberts & Rev. Morris Cafky
ISBN No. 0-913582-75-1
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    The electric trolley car replaced the horse car and cable car system by 1900, expanding routes throughout Denver and into the suburbs. Historical events include purchasing new streetcars and work equipment and construction of a new office and carhouse at 14th and Arapahoe streets in 1911. A crippling snowstorm and a bloody strike eventually were overcome and approximately 200 new cars and trailers were purchased. surviving the Great Depression and increased use of private automobiles, the Tramway continued purchasing electric trolley coaches and gasoline-powered buses, only to replace them with more efficient buses using diesel fuel after 1950. Illustrated with 736 black-and-white views and 50 full-color photographs, early-day paint schemes are printed in color; includes 50 maps and schedules on 536 pages. Copyright 2006 ~ Sundance Publications, Ltd. All rights reserved.