Trails Among the Columbine – 1988
*Peeking Through the Aspens
*The Creede Branch
*Back Country Adventures
*Lake City's Melody of the Past
*The Lake City Branch
ISBN No. 0-913582-44-1
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    The story of the Creede Branch of the Denver & Rio Grande is covered in this volume, starting with building into the fascinating gold camp of Creede. Beginning with narrow-gauge trackage, the span of time covered concludes with standard-gauge times. Back-country adventures are related about Jeeping in the high country around Silverton, Creede, Ouray and Lake City. One story reveals the life and times of the mining town of Lake city during the 1870s until the present. Pictures compliment the Lake City Branch saga, which extends through the mountains into the Gunnison Valley, to the north of Lake City. This volume contains 192 pages with 200 photographs, 45 in full color.

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