The RGS Story – Volume VIII
    Over the Bridges – Dolores to Mancos
    by W. George Cook, Russ Collman & Dell A. McCoy
ISBN No. 0-913582-69-7

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    RGS pictures taken in Dolores complete the story begun in Volume VII, from World War II, until the abandonment. Leaving Dolores, you are taken through Lost Cañon to Mancos, with a stop at the lumber camp at Glencoe. At Mancos, the history unfolds, with town's demand for a proper depot. Station facilities are documented on maps and drawings, with accompanying photographs. After Mancos, the RGS proceeded up the 2.5-percent grade toward Cima summit, halting at Grady, 132.9 miles from Ridgway. Contains 416 pages, with 280 black-and-white pictures and 55 full-color views.
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