The RGS Story – Volume VI
    Rico to Dolores
    by Russ Collman, Dell A. McCoy
ISBN No. 0-913582-63-8
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    The story of Elizabeth Eyre Pellet and her involvement in going to Washington, D.C. to convince the government to save the RGS from abandonment. The saga continues regarding Rico and the district's mining involvement during World War II. A mile-by-mile description follows, covering the RGS as it headed for Dolores, from Milepost 66 to Milepost 102. Features drawings of bridges and lineside structures at Priest Gulch, Bear Creek, Red Rock, Muldoon, Stoner and Dolores, and an historical account of the Rust logging line. Contains 480 pages featuring 354 black-and-white views and 65 full-color scenes, taken along the scenic Rio Dolores.
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