The RGS Story – Volume IV
    Over the Bridges – Ophir Loop to Rico
    by Russ Collman, Dell A. McCoy & William A. Graves
ISBN No. 0-913582-58-1

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    The multitude of high bridges on the 3.0-percent grade above Ophir are covered in detailed drawings, photographs and maps all the way to Lizard Head Pass. The snowshed, wye and structures at Lizard Head are shown at the summit, and the route is covered downgrade to the mining town of Rico. Also included are mile-by-mile 1919 Right-of-Way Track Maps – featured as the story progresses. The scenic wonders at Matterhorn, Trout Lake and Gallagher trestles are portrayed, as well as rocky Burns Cañon. Contained on 496 pages are 356 striking black-and-white pictures and 94 full-color pictures.
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