The RGS Story – Volume I
    Over the Bridges to Telluride
    by Russ Collman, Dell A. McCoy
ISBN No. 0-913582-48-4
Current Retail: $75.00

    Otto Mears' narrow-gauge Rio Grande Southern Railroad began at Ridgway in 1890 where this amazing story starts. The line eventually covered a distance of 162 miles to reach Durango. The Ridgway roundhouse and station grounds begin this volume which continues with trains climbing to Dallas Divide over to Placerville and Vance Junction. From Vance Junction, the mile-by-mile coverage is continued over the Telluride Branch. Structure drawings are included, such as at Vance Junction, with pictures. Featured are views of engines and Galloping Geese, as well as passenger and freight trains. Contains 446 black & white views and 103 color scenes on 496 pages.
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