Denver Album & 1866 Business Directory

by the late Richard A. Ronzio

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Section 1 includes a representation of the best stereo cards sold to the public during Denver's formative years--beginning with 1863. The photographers' emphasis centered on business establishments as the city grew on the high plains at the edge of the Rocky Mountains. The unique text of Section 1 is a photo-offset reproduction taken from The City of Denver Business Directory of 1866. It includes one of the earliest histories of the city and describes the spartan lifestyle of the founding fathers as well as their trials and tribulations establishing the boomtown that became the Queen City of the Plains.

Section 2 graphically illustrates the expanding downtown scene as Denver merchants supplied gold-field bound prospectors with the necessary tack for mountain travels. Eight pages are devoted to a greatly enlarged artists bird's-eye view of Denver in 1892; graphically illustrating (in three dimension) buildings and homes.
Section 3
takes the reader through the changing scene at Denver's train station as it evolved over the years.
Section 4
reveals one of the finest transportation systems in America. Horse drawn cars, cable cars, electric rail transit and trolley systems moved people to every section of the growing city before the automobile became popular.
Section 5
includes carefully chosen views of civic structures along with schools and churches.
Section 6
offers a fascinating glimpse of heavy industry and a closer look at various downtown shops and their interiors.

This spectacular album is made possible through the generosity of Richard A. Ronzio and his personal collection of extremely rare Denver vistas. Mr. Ronzio is one of the few darkroom technicians with the knowledge necessary to create solar prints. Employing the same process as the original photographers, he has painstakingly reproduced their original glass negatives on specially coated paper. The craftsmanship involved in creating this volume may be unmatched in years to come as the escalating price of material and labor will render such an undertaking nearly impossible. Originals of some of the reproductions in this book would command prices in the hundreds of dollars--many views were reproduced from stereo cards; an item in great demand by collectors.

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