Rio Grande . . . to the Pacific! by Robert A. LeMassena
ISBN 0-913582-10-7
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The complete saga of the spectacular Denver & Rio Grande Western System graphically presented in one magnificent volume. Featuring year-by-year summaries of locomotive acquisitions, modifications and dispositions; line construction and abandonment proceedings; and corporate ventures—this detailed volume is profusely illustrated, including nearly 500 photographs, and about 200 maps, sketches, timetables and old-time engravings on 416 pages. To the student of Western railroad history—to those who are interested in the growth and development of the steam locomotive—or are fascinated by engine varieties, shapes and styles, both narrow-gauge and standard-gauge, this well-done study will come as a welcome addition to the conception, knowledge and understanding of times gone by in the American West. Rio Grande . . . to the Pacific! Is the only book to portray every class and type of locomotive ever operated by the Denver & Rio Grande system. It includes Denver & Rio Grande; Rio Grande Southern; Rio Grande Western; and the Western Pacific (the D&RG's Western Extension) – as well as all of the subsidiary-and-associated lines connected with the Rio Grande. Covers the first 100 years of the railroad's operations—from 1870 to 1970.

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