In the Shadow of the Rockies

by James R. "Jim" Jones

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This Deluxe Illustrated Chronicle presents one of Colorado's first standard-gauge railroads: John Evans' Denver & New Orleans.  A graphically detailed work, this volume contains 376 fact-filled pages.  Built on the rolling hills of the High Plains--in the shadow of the Rockies--the Denver & New Orleans began its life in 1880 in the Mile High City.
    James R. "Jim" Jones' historical presentation of the Denver & New Orleans and its successors describes the life and times of this railroad, as the line slowly laid steel from Denver southward--along the Front Range to Colorado Springs and Pueblo--eventually reaching Fort Worth, Texas.  Becoming part of the renowned Colorado & Southern Railway, the original D&NO route finally was merged into the vast Burlington Northern system.
    The First Section of Denver & New Orleans vividly describes the day-to-day accomplishments of building this standard-gauge railroad--as it slowly inched its way to a connection with the Denver & Fort Worth Railroad at Alps, New Mexico.
    Section Two describes the Denver & New Orleans' line from Denver to Pueblo--as a historical pictorial of the stations and towns along the railroad.  Photographic coverage includes the later time period, when the system was owned by the well-known Colorado & Southern.  This picture section takes you into the final days of the original route east of the Rockies--when diesel engines hauled tonnage at Denver, Colorado Springs and Pueblo.
    This Extensively Researched documentary begins in the steam era and describes the history of the D&NO and its successors, in the day-to-day business of building and operating the railroad up until the introduction of diesel locomotives.  The story continues through the final part of this illustrated volume--to the end of the Colorado & Southern's days along the original route southeast of Denver, via Parker, Elizabeth, Elbert, Falcon, etc., east of the Front Range of the Rockies.
    Denver & New Orleans contains absolutely must-read text--which will provide you with an understanding of the way of life along the railroad and in the towns on the High Plains of Colorado... in the shadow of the Rockies.

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