RAIL ROAD

by Dan Abbott ~ Dell A. McCoy ~ Robert W. McLeod

ISBN No. 0-913582-78-6
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A PICTORIAL PRESENTATIONof one of Colorado’s first railroads along with an analy­sis describing continuous changes and modi­fications. A selection of 454 photographs and 46 maps are included on 416 pages representing the years the Colorado Central was under control of Union Pacific management and its final years be­coming the Colorado & Southern Railroad.

    Chapters include Golden; A Railroad Town by 1871 ~ contains newspaper reports of events leading up to W.A.H. Loveland’s efforts connecting the line from Denver, as a standard-gauge carrier in 1870, that also was laid with a third rail to handle narrow-gauge traf­fic to Golden. Historical events are carried in this volume as published by town newspapers.

      The Colorado Central Rail Road constructed track up Clear Creek as nar­row-gauge to reach the gold mining at Black Hawk. Another chapter dis­plays the earliest buildings constructed in both Black Hawk and Central City before trackage was laid between the two neighboring gold rush towns. A photographic record illustrates construction and trains on the switchbacks between the towns.

        Newspaper accounts are quoted as track reached Black Hawk, Central City, Idaho Springs, Georgetown and Silver Plume. Constructing the railhead to Idaho Springs and Georgetown resumed in 1878 and is illustrated with a multitude of never-before published pho­tographs along the line. Finally, in 1884, under the name Georgetown, Breckenridge & Leadville Railway, the awe inspiring Georgetown Loop was completed to reach Silver Plume and Graymont with expectations of tunneling through the Great Divide in order to reach Leadville and other gold and silver camps beyond.

SPECIAL FEATURESGreg LePak provided 1939 C&S Valuation Sur­vey bridge photographs. Also, cartographer Don Griffin furnished a richly detailed mile-by-mile right-of-way map that has been threaded appropriately throughout the pages of this book. The efforts and input of nearly 12 knowledgeable proofreaders have been included in this comprehensive study. Kenneth Martin’s meticulous rolling stock drawings compliment the highly informative rosters and text material.

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            A BEAVER BROOK-BOUND MIXED TRAIN pulled by Porter-Bell No. 5, with two gondolas carrying paying
            passengers as well as Coach No. 3 or 4, stopped a short distance upgrade of the depot during 1878.