Aspen on the Roaring Fork
by Frank L. Wentworth


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Portrays the early history of this famed silver camp in the words of a pioneer who lived in the area during the boom.

Aspen on the Roaring Fork portrays the early history of what once was "Colorado's Greatest Silver Camp," and was written by a man who knew and lived with the men and women who built it. The book originally was printed in a very limited edition in 1935. It subsequently was reprinted in another limited edition in 1950 by Francis B. Rizzari of Denver. Mr. Rizzari published this Second Edition primarily because of its value to those interested in further research on the history of Aspen and the surrounding mining district. However, it has been out of print for some time now.

This revised Third Edition is being published in an expanded version, which includes many additional illustrations. Limited to 5,000 copies, this edition will have only one printing. This edition has been edited slightly in order to improve clarity; however, only minor changes in punctuation and slight rewording in a few instances have been permitted. Otherwise, the text is identical to the original as written by Frank L. Wentworth.

Many historic photographs have been added to this edition of Aspen on the Roaring Fork. For the most part, they have come from the collection of the Aspen Historical Society. Also -- as with the Second Edition -- condensations of two chapters from two of Mr. Wentworth's previously published books have been added to supplement the original material. In addition, a brief index has been supplied, covering both illustrations and text.

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